Shale shaker is the first stage in solid control system. DCS700-3 shale shaker is a typical model produced by DC Solid control manufacturer. The motor of DCS shale shaker is 2*1.72kw. And the treating capacity is 110m3/h or 440/572GPM

In recent days, we have many inquires of DCS700-3 shale shaker, and we all have the further communication.
Features of DCS 700-3 shale shaker.


The materials of DCS700-3 shale shaker is the GB steel from Beijing Shougang company limited, shanghai baogang Iron and steel Co.,ltd. and Tangshan Iron and steel Co.,ltd. The vibration motor is from the Italia joint venture company. The area of shale shaker and handing capacity are large, the treatment effect is excellent.

Our DCS shale shaker is same with a famous Brand. And our DCS700-3 shale shaker has the good treating capacity with the famous brand one. Besides our shaker is much cheaper than theirs. So use DCS700-3 shale shaker is your good choice.

shale shaker

In conclusion, there are many similarities between DCS 700-3 and the famous brand shale shaker. So when you need  the shale shaker, you can contact DC solid control, we can according to the the famous brand shale shaker manufacture the DCS700-3 shale shaker. Welcome the majority of users to choose DC Solid control.

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