The Pyramid screen consists of a standard sandwich construction having two fine-mesh cloths layered with a coarse backing cloth. These three layers are bonded together, corrugated, and then bonded to a perforated plate.


The resulting corrugations are 0.8 inches high on the PMD shaker screen and 1.5 inches high on the PMD+, increasing total screening area and maximizing fluid dispersion. As with the Derrick PWP screen series, the Pyramid screens are capable of making separations as fine as 43 microns.

shaker screens

Benefits of Pyramid Screens

1. Increased Shaker Capacity—Pyramid and Pyramid Plus screens increase the total amount of useable screen area by 50% to 125%.
2. Screen Finer Faster—Utilizing Pyramid or Pyramid Plus screens enables rigs to screen 2 to 3 mesh sizes finer than traditional perforated plate panels. This maximizes solids removal capacities.
3. Makes Fine Separations—Pyramid and Pyramid Plus screens are capable of making separations as fine as 43 microns.
4. Fits Existing Shakers—There is no need to modify or replace existing equipment. Pyramid screens fit all Derrick shakers, thus allowing the most efficient use of existing equipment.
5. Easily Repaired—The Pyramid screen design lends itself to easy field repair with RTV products.
6. Reduction of horseshoe effect—The Pyramid screen design keeps the peak areas clear of solids and allows higher fluid throughput. This prevents the horseshoe effect that is common on crowned bed shakers.
7. Dryer cuttings—Pyramid screens minimize fluid loss by spreading thinner layers of fluid dispersion over an increased screen area, resulting in more effective drying capabilities.

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