Drilling fluid Mixer for drilling mud treatment is foundation engineering. Jet Mud mixer is special equipment to prepare and increase the drilling fluids weight by adding and mixing bentonite, change the fluid density, change the mud density, viscosity, and dehydration.


DC Solid control to be as the Asia famous producer has a complete line of mud mixing equipment designed to assist operators with the greatest available efficiency in blending. Bentonite, polymers and other powder additives have traditionally been added to assist in achieving the properties needed from drilling mud.


Detailed introduction of the mud mixer as below:

1. Hoppers can be Venturi hopper.
2. Ideal design on sufficient working pressure make pumps higher performance.
3. New style with better feasibility under different working condition.
4. Meet drilling fluids weighting demand for 1500m ~ 9000m well drilling.
5. Hopper and pump connected with pipelines. More flexible on hopper and pump quantities.
6. Centrifugal pump is mechanical seal type. Reliable and durable.
7. Easy to operate and maintain.

The drilling fluid mixer includes one sand pump, one jet mixing hopper and one jet mixer that are installed in a base with pipe valves. It is safe and stable and can be moved conveniently. At the same time, we can make Twin-Jet Mud Mixers according to the custom requirements.

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