The development of shale shaker is fast growing in the trenchless drilling fields, and which is different in oil and gas drilling. And many shale shaker composite with hydrocyclone to consitute drilling mud cleaner.

1. Microtunnelling

Microtunnelling project is widely used in Europe. Microtunnelling is a kind of big hole horizontal drilling. which is famous used in city construction and pipe laying or replaced. In preparation for the construction, firstly digging a big diameter and vertical well or well-sinking to convenient to drilling equipment and hydraulic machine. The location of well-sinking is slightly lower than equipment level, so that when drilling fluid return back will forming a settling pond that is good for removing solid phase. The drilling fluid pumped to the ground will pumped to a simple solid phase cleaning system by a submerged pump, this system is mainly consist of a set shale shaker and a mud cleaner.

shale shaker

2. River crossing

In order to lay pipeline in the river bottom, need to drill a small well hole on the riverbed. When laying the big size pipeline, we must use recombination shale shaker, desander, desilter and centrifuge to build a strong solid control system. Drilling mud cleaning equipment reduce the cost of drilling waste.

shale shaker1

3. Road crossing

Laying pipeline and cable required to through the below of the road, when road drilling can’t affect the traffic, nor destroy the road. Usually this drilling size is very small to avoid using solid phase cleaning equipment. If when drilling fluid is accumulation, drilling size is too big or road base is wide must use shale shaker or drilling fluid cleaner.

4. Fibre-optic(al) cable

The laying of fibre-optical cable need no drill bid well hole, but because of often drilling in residential area or commercial district produce the drilling fluid and solid phase must be put into the special device, this solid control system only includes a storage tank , a set of pump box and a minitype shale shaker.


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