Vacuum Degasser is adapted to get rid of various cut-in gases in the drilling fluids. Vacuum degasser is very important for returning mud gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity and reducing drilling cost.

Gasses can be released from the fluid and removed from the installation in two ways:

1. Thermal degassing
Because of temperature differences in an installation, dissolved gasses are released automatically. By means of so called in line deaerators, the released gasses can be removed from the fluid.  Spirotech offers various solutions for this.


2. Vacuum degassing
In case of vacuum degassing part of the installation fluid is temporarily put in an underpressure (vacuum) condition. The gasses dissolved in the fluid are released, separated and removed from the installation. The degassed, absorptive, fluid is returned into the installation and can absorb any present free gasses again. By repeating this process continuously almost all gasses will be released and removed. The fluid will now be undersaturated to such an extent, that no gasses will bereleased anywhere in the installation, so the problems mentioned before will not occur. Problems in places with a low flow velocity and a low overpressure are also solved in this way.

vacuum degasser

When to apply a vacuum degasser?

• When an installation contains many branches, with a low flow velocity. In this case, the free, accumulated gasses will hardly be carried away with the flow, but will
disappear slowly thanks to the fluid being made absorptive.

• In case of small temperature differences only a small amount of gas is released by the heating or cooling process, which can be removed by an in line deaerator. A vacuum degasser works independent of the fluid temperature.

• When an in line deaerator cannot be mounted for practical reasons. A vacuum degasser can be mounted at almost any place in an installation.

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