A screw pump is a mechanical device that is designed to displace various substances from one place to another. Screw pump is a feeding pump for decanter centrifuge instead of submersible slurry pump. The main advantages of screw pumps are as follows:

Slow Speed, simple and rugged design

Probably the main and overall advantage of a screw pump is its superb reliability. The simple design, open structure and slow rotation speed makes it a heavy duty pump with minimal wear that operates for years without trouble.


Pumps raw water with heavy solids and floating debris

Because of the open structure and large passage between the flights a screw pump can pump raw sewage without the need for a coarse
screen before the pump. Both floating debris and heavy solids are simply lifted up. This saves considerably on equipment costs for a
coarse screen or maintenance.

Screw pump scheme

No collection sump required = minimum head
A screw pump ‘scoops’ the water directly from the surface and does not need a collection sump. This keeps the pump head to a minimum.

Long lifetime ( > 20-40 years)

Screw pumps with typical lifetimes of between 20-40 years are not unusual.

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