DC Solid control decanter centrifuge supplier provides the advantage of high efficiency operation compared to traditional separation systems. It was necessary to develop continuing systems in order to reduce the increasing company costs and for the growing industry to be able to adjust itself to the acquired achievements.

Application flexibility

Decanters provide practically high efficiency results under fluctuations at product inlet, differences in process conditions and even at different characteristics of various products. This capability enables reliable and regular operation.


Operational conditions

Appropriate body designs and isolation systems can be applied for steam proof or pressurized processes between 0-8 bars. The designs and machinery are available for cleaning in place (CIP) systems to be used in extremely low and extremely high temperature conditions, explosive atmosphere standards and hygienic environments.


Operation of the decanter became fully automatic with the use of modern devices and control units. The ability to control whole facility from a central control room enables the decanter to be operated with no personnel.


Easy installation

It is possible to install the decanter easily and quickly thanks to its design and all the required functions integrated in single unit. Low vibration levels and active support system of DCLW decanters centrifuge eliminate complex and expensive base construction. Auxiliary equipments and connections are not needed. Corrosion and wear protection process specific materials highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion are used in decanter manufacturing.

Personnel safety

Closed design of the decanters and the availability of high- tech safety systems ensure high safety for the operator and the maintenance personnel.

Low space requirement

With its excellent design and high processing capacity, the decanter requires a lot less space compared to alternative systems.


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