DC solid control shipped 3 mud cleaners used in Uzbekistan oilfield. The mode is DCQJ250X1/100×6, the treating capacity is about 90m3/h. Mud cleaner is the second or third stage separation equipment of drilling liquid, which deals with the mud after being treated by the first grade separation equipment.


The mud cleaner combination consists of two sets of hydro cyclones: a desander to eliminate particles of 120 – 60 μ, and a desilter which eliminates particles smaller than 60 to 20 μ. The combination of varying physical mud cleaning principles results in a high capacity mud cleaning combination with high a operational efficiency and minimum maintenance, repair and replacement costs.


DC Solid control’s polyurethane hydrocyclone offers a high volume 4”and 10″ cone, while providing contractors an economical replacement for less efficient older equipment. Derrick’s unique uni-body construction eliminates excess parts and seams where excessive wear can occur.

If you need to retain a larger capacity we are more than capable of constructing and fitting the equipment on any size tank you need.



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