Normally, the HDD or trenchless drilling projects mud solids control system is 3 phase solids removal is enough. But if for heavy mud, the 4 phase solids control system gives a lot of benefits to the drilling contractors include more clean mud, less disposal cost, and faster drilling speed.

Below is the introduction of 3 phase solid control system for light mud in trenchless project.
The 3 phase solid control system of HDD including shale shakers, desander and desilters.


General layout of DC desigh is the first mud tank is equipped with one desander shaker unit and one desilter shaker unit. The dirty drilling mud will go to the bottom deck of the shale shaker for desander unit and desilter unit for first stage mud treatment. And then go to desander unit for second stage mud treatment.

The second mud tank is equipped with two sets high speed decanter centrifuge DCLW355-1258VFD to remove solids particles about 5-7microns. The centrifuge bowl speed is variable with ABB frequency converter. The user can adjust the bowl speed from 0 to 3200 rpm to fit for the mud conditions.

DC Solids Control not only provide the 3 phase solids control system but also will providing the customized solid control system for oil and trenchless fields.

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