The Horizontal Decanting centrifuge (Decanter) has a vast field of applications in various Processes where a liquid and a solid phase have to be continuously separated.

DC Solid control provides 24 hour nationwide support to our customers with our dependable field service technician group. Our field service technicians have years of experience and training on servicing all makes and models of centrifuge equipment. Our team of well trained centrifuge technicians and mechanics are prepared to repair most industrial centrifuge related equipment on the market.

decanter centrifuge

Centrifuge Maintenance Programs

We also cater to our customers by offering centrifuge equipment preventative maintenance programs. Our individually tailored preventative maintenance agreements are designed to ensure the optimum performance of your machine, as well as, to prevent costly machine repairs and plant downtime. Our years of service and training have allowed our centrifuge technician repair team to gain a working knowledge many types of industrial centrifuge equipment.

Centrifuge Annual Service Program

We also provide additional savings to our customers with our service kits recommended for each centrifuge service. Our experience working with centrifuge equipment has proven that an annual inspection and repair has eliminated costly downtime, so take the time to call us and we will be glad to discuss preventative a maintenance program that will best fit your centrifuge needs.

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